A couple weeks ago I helped out with the planning for a bachelorette party for one of my very good friends. The party was held in Okoboji, a lake town in northwest Iowa. It’s a fabulous summer getaway and the perfect atmosphere for a laid-back girls’ weekend.
The bride-to-be’s love of margaritas plus our destination easily led to our theme – Okobojiville!

My favorite part of the planning were making the invitations. I had far too much fun putting them together!
 Pocketfolds from cardsandpockets.com
Gratuitious work station/Cricut shot.

The lake house we stayed at already had an interior that lent itself to the atmosphere we needed so the decor was limited; but here are a few shots anyway!

Customized margarita glasses for everyone!

And of course, we had fabulous margaritas! Warm weather may be coming to an end, but you should definitely find a reason to try these:
1 part tequila
1 part triple sec
1 part Grand Marnier 
3 parts non-alcoholic margarita mix

Splash of orange juice

The bachelorette enjoyed her weekend and all the guests had a blast!