Socialize is a Des Moines, Iowa based event planning and management company that is here to help you create, coordinate and celebrate any and all of the reasons to bring people together.  Whether you are planning a party, a conference or anything in between; you have a vision for it. Socialize can be a part (or all!) of making that happen. We have extensive knowledge of local vendors we can work with to bring your event to life and ensure it will leave a lasting impression.

If you need assistance with the entire creative and planning process or want someone to handle day-of event management for the event, let’s talk!

Kelly Sparks

It may not be everyone’s dream to work out minute-by-minute timelines but Kelly Sparks happens to thinks it’s a fantastic way to spend time.

Kelly spent six years planning events for both  non-profit and corporate companies.  Whether planning a fundraising walk for 1500 or an executive retreat to Napa Valley for 20; she loves being behind the scenes and being responsible for ensuring that every detail falls into place. When Kelly realized that event planning had gone beyond being just a job to becoming her passion, she (and her lovingly willing husband, Kurt) started to do more and more entertaining at home. Kelly knew she wanted to spend her time planning events for everyone.

In fall of 2010, Kelly launched Socialize to bring her experience and love of all things detailed to the masses (well, to anyone planning events in central Iowa). With her knowledge and experience, you can be sure she is ready for your next event!

For more insight on Kelly’s event thoughts and inspiration, check out the Socialize blog.