Event Envy: Guac Off!

This event is so…so…Fiestalicious!
OK – not really what I’m looking for but I don’t think one word can describe it. When looking at the pictures from Mindy Weiss‘s Guac-off event all I could think about was how much I would like to be there. In fact, all I could think about all day was how much I wanted to be there!
Take a look. Can’t you feel the sun on your face; hear the mariachi band in the background and taste the delicious guacamole?

 There are few tables I have seen that are casual and amazing at the same time. These strike the perfect balance.
Anyone hungry yet?
 Love how this display uses wood containers of all types!
 There were 75!! guacamole entries.
All photos via Mindy Weiss
For more photos of all the fun check out the Mindy Weiss blog.
What a perfect event for summer or the transition of seasons – when you can’t really do beachy/tropical anymore and autumn/harvest-y just isn’t quite right yet. Don’t forget about it as a potential Cinco de Mayo party either!
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