Dessy Group Shareboards

The Dessy Group, maker of all things wedding apparel has teamed up with the color pros to create PANTONE WEDDING. Brides can order swatches of their colors to make sure colors are perfectly coordinated.

The Dessy web site also includes a new tool to create inspiration boards (with your perfect Pantone colors, of course). I couldn’t resist giving it a shot. I used my friend Lindsay’s upcoming fall wedding as my project:

You can see more boards and show some love for your favorites here. Then you can start creating! Dessy provides a library of images and allows you to upload your own. (If you haven’t made a inspiration board before, PowerPoint is great to use). I think this is a great innovation on Dessy’s part.

Interestingly enough, this board led to the design for my latest invitation for an upcoming event at work!

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