There was (at least) one of thing I forgot to take a picture of at the Tickled Pink baby shower for my bestie Ashley. Hey, I said I did better – there’s still plenty of room for improvement!
Ashley’s sisters used the most fabulous epink and white serving set to display veggies and sandwich fixins’. For me, it was love at first sight. I immediately wanted to know who this belonged to and why I hadn’t spotted one anywhere yet.
Images via Etsy seller MarianneClare

It turns out, it was a vintage piece that their mom received “several” years ago as a wedding present. After some digging (thanks Google!) I found the set! It was made in the 1960s by the Frazier California Pottery company.

The set has one large bowl in the center of  three small serving dishes and three large serving dishes, all on a lazy susan. The set I saw in person was on a metal lazy susan but the sets I saw online all came with wood. The scalloped edge and raised dots just make my heart hurt!

Since it’s vintage, it costs a bit more than what I’m willing to spend on serving dishes. So, I need to come up with reasons I could use it. Showers, brunches, Valentine’s Day parties… What else do you think I could put on the list to justify buying it?