It’s that time of year! If you aren’t throwing a party, you’re attending one. Which means you aren’t just shopping for gifts this time of year, you’re also hunting down the perfect ensemble for every holiday engagement.

Lucky for us, the ever-so-wonderful crew at Kate Spade teamed up with stylist Luis Rodriguez to create a holiday campaign they call “a fresh spin on festive.”

“High fashion pieces were paired with cozy accessories and each look was finished with a signature twist.” How fun! I love how they put together a LOT of classic pieces to create a new holiday style. These looks may be a little indulgent, but if you can’t overdo it during the holidays, when can you?

I love the last image! What a great way to get glam without taking yourself to seriously! My favorite thing about all of these? With a little effort, you can replicate them easily with pieces you probably already have (with maybe a few accessory purchases!).  Because, while I would love to run out and buy anything and everything Kate Spade, I’m not that willing to take a second mortgage on my house to fill my closet. The thing I’m not so sure about? I’m still working on accepting the socks with peep toes thing. What do you think about these ideas? Would you wear one to a holiday party?