11-month resolution?

I promise you, I tried. I thought a lot about my resolutions/goals/hopes for 2011. A lot. I spent a few weeks considering them and then a full Megabus trip to Chicago composing them. So these things were not taken lightly. Nevertheless, I have failed to make the time to focus on them.

I won’t make you sit through everything I hope to accomplish in the next year 11 months in hopes to become a better person. But one of them include becoming more disciplined. And that includes with this website and blogging. Now, there are no expectations on my end that the Socialize Blog become the next big stop in event blogs (there are plenty of talented people out there to handle that and I will use plenty of their ideas and photos here!).  Not everyone has the time to fill their Google Reader with feeds about dessert tables, garlands and baby shower themes. But many people do happen upon a time when they have to plan something – a wedding, a birthday party, the company holiday festivities. So I do want this to be a great source for readers to get some inspiration for those times, tips on how to plan effective parties and events and check out what’s going on in the world of Socialize. But the only way to make it that is by committing to it and making time for it most days.

So I am going to try to set time aside to blog every day. It’s very likely that not every post will be the witty, engaging work of word-art I want it to be but you’ll forgive me right?
There is plenty to cover! And I better get on it!  I owe my friends at Cafe di Scala a new guest post, I owe you some more Local Love and some updates on what’s in the works for 2011 (like my upcoming 30th bday bash!!).

You’re also invited to share photos and information about your events to be featured here. I would love to see what you’ve created and any tips you have to share.
OK – good talk!

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