I am excited to let you know that there are about to be some changes around here. It just feels like it’s time to shake things up! Well, I suppose a few things fell into place that make this the right time as well.

Long story short, you may have noticed that “Set for Celebrating” blog title has changed! Initially, you’ll just see the name change on this page’s title (bad branding, I know) but soon enough, we’ll have a whole new world wide web address to direct you to! So stay on your toes so you don’t miss a minute of fabulous event insight.

“But wait – what’s Socialize?” you may be asking.

Well, that’s where the short story gets a little longer. Read on to learn more.
Almost a month ago, I had lunch with Tracy Fuller of Innovative Events. Tracy and I have gotten to know each other by working on some projects together for my employer (I could handle parties like this but needed to pull out the big guns when I needed more production resources). Tracy has built her business over 22 years and has planned events around the world. She is an amazing professional who I admire and look at as a mentor – even if she may not realize that! During lunch, I expressed to her that at some point, I wanted to expand my career in the events world and was looking for opportunities to do that. I was open to picking up production work with Innovative Events or exploring other full time positions.

Tracy spent a few minutes brainstorming some options. Then, she simply asked, “What about starting your own events planning business? Have you ever thought of that?”

The truth is, I have been dreaming about this very same venture for a while but wasn’t able to find the time to put the work into it while I had a full time event-planning job (crazy hours and all). Of course, my doubts and fears held me back too. But…I had a name (see new blog title) and had even gone to far as to buy it as a domain so it seems it was something I was longing to do. After Tracy spent the next 20 minutes or so encouraging me; I was convinced that this needed to happen. And I was going to make it happen, full time job and all. Socialize was going to get started!

I set to work that night (with the help and support of my husband), knowing that it would be a slow process with the little time I could spend on the project.

Strangely enough; a few days later I saw a posting from a local non-profit for a part time Events Manager and gave it shot. Within the week, they interviewed me and offered me the job!

My unbelievably supportive (fantastic, loving, sexy, intelligent, funny, perfect) husband and I discussed the possibility of me taking this part time job and using the rest of my time to start and run Socialize. We decided… to go for it!

After spending a couple weeks with a stomach that’s tied in knots and a few panicky thoughts (this is scary, people! but so exciting and fun!); things are getting underway.  It wouldn’t have been possible to do this without Tracy’s push and the love and encouragement I’ve received from my family, friends and of course, my ridiculously wonderful husband. But now, I’ve left my former company, started in my new position at the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) and spent the last few afternoons dedicated to this venture. It’s really happening!

There will be plenty of information to come about Socialize. For now, we’ll just stick with the blog name change. I’ll keep you posted on the rest.
Welcome to Socialize!

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  1. Cammi at CK Events says:

    You can do it, girl! Best of luck!

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