Iowa State Fair – Non-Stop Fun!

It’s the first day of the 2010 Iowa State Fair! Although the 156-year old event may not seem like a big deal to some,  the Iowa State Fair started attracting over 1 million people each year since 2002. It is a huge production with tons of entertainment, exhibits and of course, a midway set on 445 acres in Des Moines.

Now, can you keep a secret? I am not a huge fan of the fair. I certainly don’t dispute that there is Non-Stop Fun there for people. It’s just that the fun takes place among those million people attending and typically in searing heat. How about a backyard state fair?
Sounds like a plan to me! There are so many rustic elements that are popular right now that you could easily pull together to create a classic state fair atmosphere.

via JL Designs
via Hello Lucky – includes instructions and template
I love the idea of using streamers and lighting to create a ceiling outdoors. This would suggest the atmosphere created by the lights from the midway
Via Bash Events

And you have to have food on a stick!

via Eat Drink Pretty

These little pie pops may not be the healthiest thing you can eat; but they don’t scream “instant heart attack” like a deep-fried twinkie on a stick does! For the full list of Iowa State Fair foods on a stick (and to find out what an Octo-dog is) click here.
Enjoy the fair!

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